Spring Framework 4 new features and updates

Spring Framework 4 new features and updates

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Spring Framework 4 new features and updates. Spring import features included Java 8 , JEE7, REST and HTML 5 supports. Learn the new features of Spring 4 framework.

Spring 4.0 framework Features - Learn the new features of Spring 4.0 framework

In this tutorial we are discussing about the new features of Spring 4.0 framework. The Spring 4.0 is the latest major release of Spring framework which the support for Java 8, JEE 7, REST Webservices and HTML 5 supports.

December 12, 2013 release of Spring Framework 4.0 GA was the first major release after 4 years and also the most awaited the one. Entire Java community have been waiting for this update since 2009 when Spring 3.0 framework released.

Spring 4.0 has a support for Java SE 8 (based on OpenJDK 8 build 88+) and Java EE 7. Open JDK 8 will be released on March 2014

Following are some features of Spring 4.0 framework:

  • Spring 4.0 no longer supports deprecated packages and many methods. It is a slight problematic for those who want to move their old spring applications to the new version. In order to do so they must get rid of their deprecated APIs.
  • Spring 4.0 will support all the features of Java 8. the lowest version this framework supports is Java 6.0.
  • Spring 4.0 framework supports Java EE 6 and 7. Java EE 6 is the baseline along with JPA 2.0 and Servlet 3.0 environment are recommended.
  • Supports Java.Time (JSR-310)
  • It is possible to define Spring beans using Groovy DSL, a concise dynamic language on the JVM
  • It's auto-wiring is based on generic types
  • Spring 4.0 uses Objenesis to create CGLIB proxy instances
  • A new ScriptEvaluator mechanism
  • A new MvcUriComponentsBuilder
  • @Description annotation has been added
  • @Conditional is introduced that can conditionally filter the beans
  • @Ordered annotation and Ordered interface are supported
  • Now programmers can write custom annotations that expose specific attributes from the source annotation
  • New addition of lambda expressions
  • Method references with Spring's callback interfaces
  • New features in Java FX : There are many new features which added to the Java FX 8.

Rich text support in JavaFX 8 via TextFlow class

Here are the list of features of Java FX 8 TextFlow class:

  • Style individual words: You can even style one word in the paragraph.
  • Apply effects to words - Support for applying different effects to the words.
  • Apply transforms - Text transformation support is also added to this version of JavaFX.
  • Support for embedding  nodes inside text.
  • Support for Bidi text

The JDK is aimed to proivde many exciting new features and enhancements to the JDK. This is the major release of Spring framework after spring 3.0.

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