Introduction to JDBC

Introduction to JDBC

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This section contains the Introduction to JDBC .

Introduction to JDBC


            Java database connectivity or JDBC is an interface which is used to connect frontend java application to database(backend).It also provide access to database .Using it we can query for data and also can update records. 'Jdbc'  functionality is defined in "java.sql" ,which we need  to 'import' for using 'Jdbc' methods .

Need of JDBC

In today's scenario, every real application must have database. To connect these database you need database drivers. Jdbc is one of the database connectivity driver. "Sun" prepare and maintain specification of java driver, according to which third party vendors develops their java driver. After which Java developers use these drivers to connect their applications. Since different database software have different features and compatibility issue than others ,That's why every database software needed differenr drivers.

Why is JDBC is better than others ?

Using JDBC ,Java Developer can develop applications which can access data from different database without knowing much about different database working in details. JDBC application developers can replace one driver for their application with another better one without having to rewrite their application

JDBC different versions

1). The JDBC 1.0 API.

2). The JDBC 1.2 API.

3). The JDBC 2.0 Optional Package API.

4). The JDBC 2.1 core API.

5) The JDBC 3.0 API.

6) The JDBC 4.0 API. 

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