Inserting a row using PreparedStatement

Inserting a row using PreparedStatement

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This section contains the detail about the Inserting a row using PreparedStatement in java.

Inserting a row using PreparedStatement

If you want to execute a statement many time , "PreparedStatement " reduces execution time. Unlike a "Statement" object ,it is given an 'Sql' statement when it is created. This SQL statement is sent to the DBMS right away, where it is compiled. This means that when the PreparedStatement is executed, the DBMS can just run the PreparedStatement SQL statement without having to compile it first.

The advantage of using "PreparedStatement " is that you can use the same statement and supply it with different values each time you execute it.

import java.sql.*;

public class Insertprepared{

   public static void main(String args[]) {

        Connection con = null;
        PreparedStatement pst = null;
        ResultSet rs = null;

        String url = "jdbc:mysql://";
        String db = "ankdb";
        String driver = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver";
        String user = "root";
        String pass = "root";

	try {
		con = DriverManager.getConnection(url + db, user, pass);
		con.setAutoCommit(false);// Disables auto-commit.

		String sql = "insert into student values(?,?,?) ";
		pst = con.prepareStatement(sql);

		pst.setString(2, "Rahul");


		sql = "select * from student";
		rs = pst.executeQuery(sql);

		System.out.println("Roll No  \tName   \t\tDate of Birth");
		while ( {
			System.out.print(rs.getInt(1) + "     \t");
			System.out.print(rs.getString(2) + "     \t");
			System.out.print(rs.getDate(3) + "     \t");

	} catch (Exception e) {

Output :

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18\bin>java Insertprepared
Roll No√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† Name√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† Date of Birth
2147483647√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† Ankit√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† 1985-06-06
2147483648√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† Somesh√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†  √?¬† 1984-05-05
2147483649√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† Rajiv√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† 1985-06-06
2147483649√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† Rahul√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬†√?¬† 1985-06-06

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