Top 10 Big Data Companies in the World

Top 10 Big Data Companies in the World

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So called mundane everyday digital data with relentless numbers, numbers, classified and unclassified pool of information from various spheres has become gigantic in volume and suddenly become focused theme for gaining insights into different facets of purpose. Here we introduce top 10 companies working on this biggest ever field of data analytics called Big Data.

Big Data or precisely speaking Big Data analytics is the next big frontier for the technological advancement and digital reality to leap into. So called mundane data shared, stored or used everyday across different digital interfaces and fields of purposes are now endowed with a bigger importance than ever. The digits in your electric meter reading or casual words on your social networking chat or billing information for your cell phone, all are no more used trash as you thought them to be, they are now the raw ingredients for gaining insights into different areas of knowledge and different spheres of practical purposes thanks to the new dimension given to them by Big Data analytics. Some of the world's largest and most sophisticated tech companies are now working for Big Data analytics with a vision to create advanced data processing and analytical technology that can handle huge chunk of data for different purposes and practical environments. The same pool of data, for instance transaction records in banks can provide not only financial insights, they can equally help marketers with the insights in consumer spending and savings habit as well. Let us introduce here top 10 Big Data companies in the world.

  1. IBM
  2. Even the rest of the top three companies combined cannot match growth, promise and encompass of IBM in Big Data business. Yes with largest storage facility, most accomplished analytics fundamentals, software and hardware IBM is still far ahead of other companies in terms of product, innovation and sophistry. Understandably, IBM is the top revenue earner in Big Data space till date, $1.3 billion in 2012 alone. Among the array of Big Data analytics products offered by IBM include DB2, Informix database platform, InfoSphere database platforms, Cognos, SPSS analytics application, etc.

  3. Oracle
  4. While Oracle database is still counted to be one of the top database products around the world, it is also one of the formidable players in the field of Big Data. The Big Data offering of the company consists of its flagship database, Intel server and Hadoop distribution from Cloudera. In 2012 Oracle made gross revenue of $415 million from its Big Data business.

  5. HP
  6. Vertica analytics platform of HP is still a clear champion among the analytics products offered by any company in this space. HP offers combined Big Data platform with hardware, analytics software and services. $664 million revenue earned by the company in Big Data business is a clear sign of dominance.

  7. Microsoft
  8. Microsoft is powered by one of the most formidable databases, MySQL database and last year it earned revenue of $196 million from Big Data business being one of the top Big Data service providers. The top of the self human capital, most sophisticated data management systems and gigantic presence is still now proving enough for Microsoft to be one of the top 10 Big Data companies in the world. Microsoft recently partnered with Hortonworks, a promising startup and came out with HDInsights tool using Hortonworks Data Platform.

  9. Google
  10. BigQuery, the cloud based data analytics platform of Google is still to go a long way before the unprecedented Google dominance becomes obvious, but with $36 million revenue from Big Data business last year it looks promising enough. Remember Google has one of the most sophisticated analytics team in the world backed up by world's largest search engine. So while Google eyes the Big Data business it obviously means superb analytical fundamentals rather than collecting huge pool of data.

  11. SAP
  12. SAP is known worldwide for its great array of intelligent analytics tools but obviously the HANA in memory database product of the company tops the list as one of the most popular Big Data analytics product. With $368 million revenues last year it is unquestionably one of the top 10 Big Data companies in the world.

  13. Teradata
  14. Teradata is truly a Big Data company with dedicated hardware platform, analytics software and database. The company offers specific analytics tools for sectors like retail and transportation and is a name growingly favored by enterprises across different categories. With $435 million revenue in Big Data analytics in 2012 the company was third largest analytics company ahead of many big names.

  15. EMC
  16. In the Big Data business this company has many accolades, from being one of the top vendors to store and analyze Big Data for top enterprises to being one of the most respected analytical think tank particularly specialized in analyzing marketing data. The recent launch of Pivotal spin-off with the backing of VMware and General Electric the company made significant step forward in terms of competition. As per the revenue figures, the company made a profit of $336 million in 2012 which is 7th in terms of business volume.

  17. Amazon
  18. The company which owns one of the most formidable and respected enterprise cloud platform is already a big name to reckon with in Big Data business as well. The Big Data products offered by the company include Elastic MapReduce (Hadoop based), DyamoDB database, Redshift data warehouse and all these products works seamlessly with Amazon web services.

  19. Cloudera:
  20. Back in 2008 when there were only a handful of companies to eye for Big Data business, Cloudera brought the Apache Hadoop platform for enterprise customers. Most importantly the company got venture capital funding from big names such as Google, Yahoo, Facabook and Oracle. With the likes of IBM and Oracle in the same list you may still doubt about its inclusion as one of the top 10 Big Data companies in the world but the promise it shown deserves this.

Most promising company beyond the Top 10: VMware

Considering the very recent venture of the company in Big Data business (roughly about an year) you can still have doubt in positioning it as one of the promising Big Data companies, but it's big success in cloud and virtualization and some recent stats make it look really formidable in this emerging tech sphere. Recently the company launched vSphere Big Data Extensions and this made much easier for numerous companies to launch Big Data projects with the help of this. One of the recent information would suffice in validating the ambition of the company in Big Data business - last year VMware made $ 32 million revenue from Big Data related ventures which as per the account says is almost as much as Google!

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