Neo4j Tutorial

Neo4j Tutorial

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Neo4j is popular graph database which is written in Java and the CQL of Neo4j is used to query the data stored in the Neo4J database.

Neo4J Tutorial to begin with the database

Neo4j is popular graph database which is developed in Java and this database also open-source which can be used to handle huge quantity of database in production environment.

The first version (version 1.0) of Neo4j was released in February, 2010. The community edition of the database is released under the  free GNU General Public License (GPL) v3. The version 2.0 this database was released in December, 2013. This graph database is getting popular and Spring framework also provides the support to use this database in Java application.

This tutorial on the Neo4j graph database is for beginners and helps the beginners to get started with the Neo4j quickly. You will learn the basics of this database, learn how to install and use the database.

Advance concept like Cypher Query Language (CQL) also explained in details which helps the developers to query stored in the database.

Database also supports ACID properties which makes it is very useful in transactional environment. It supports ACID properties without any decrease in performance.

This database is provides high performance even with the large set of database which makes it useful in BigData like environment.

We have covered the following topics in the tutorial:

  • Installation of database
  • Running and using the database
  • Admin console of database
  • Neo4j CQL
  • Using Neo4j in Java program

The audience of this tutorial is the beginners and this tutorial will provide enough theoretical as well as hands on experience to master the the Neo4j database.

As a part of pre-requisite you should have good knowledge of Java programming language and prior language of any of the RDBMS. Prior application development is a must although with a little hard work anyone can learn the web application development with the graph database using Neo4j.

So, let's get started with the No4j database press the next link to view next page.

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