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How to see if a string contains a substring in objective-c?
How to check occurrence of a string in a big string and return if it is present or not?
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iOS Programming to learn the iOS software development from scratch
Learn the iOS programming language which is used for developing the applications for Apple devices such iWatch, iPhone, iPad and iPod.
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Java 7 End of Life - Java 7u79 and 7u80 is the Last public update of Java 7
Java 7 has reached the end of Life and the last public update for the Java 7 is 7u79 and 7u80.
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Encapsulation in Java
Encapsulation is an important OOPs principal which enables to write code which contains the data and implementation together in one unit. Its the self contain unit which hides the implementation from outside world.
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Warning FilterDispatcher is deprecated please use the new filters
In the latest version of Struts 2 new filter is introduced and if you application is using old FilterDispatcher then application will display the warning message filterdispatcher is deprecated please use the new filters.
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